Cheyne Walk, Paul Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3PF

Cheyne Walk, Paul Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3PF

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Hair Extensions

We are the only Great Lengths Hair extension stockists in Taunton.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions - Reds Hair Salon - Taunton
Great Lengths Hair Extensions - Reds Hair Salon - Taunton

Are Great Lengths Hair Extensions suitable for everyone?

Yes, providing that the hair is at least 8cm or longer to ensure discreet and comfortable application. There are some medical conditions that may make extensions unsuitable. Suitability would be discussed during a consultation.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

You can be assured that it has been scientifically proven that with correct application and correct maintenance, Great Lengths Hair Extensions will not cause damage to healthy hair. Once you have had your extensions removed, if you have maintained your extensions well you will find that there will be no damage and you may find that your natural hair has grown more quickly than usual.

Is Great Lengths Hair Extensions the best method for me?

Pre-bonded hair extensions are attached to the natural hair using keratin, which is a protein that your natural hair is made of. Keratin is very gentle on the natural hair unlike other silicon-based glues or metal applicators. They look very natural and are virtually undetectable. They are especially great for fine or compromised hair that may not be strong enough to bear the weight of other application methods. 

Why are human hair extensions, like Great Lengths the best?

Great Lengths only uses 100% human hair because it behaves like your own hair and creates a more natural look. This means that you can treat your extensions in the same way as your own hair, like using heated tools, as well as being able to be professionally coloured. They are also suitable for most lifestyle activities including swimming when following the correct aftercare.

How are Great Lengths Hair Extensions fitted?

Great Lengths Pre-bonded Hair Extensions are fitted strand by strand using a heat connector. This melts the keratin resin and fuses the extensions to your natural hair at the root. The applicator is only heated on one side, so the heat only touches the keratin bond so does not cause damage to the natural hair.

How long do Great Lengths Hair Extensions last?

Great Lengths pre-bonded can last up to six months if well maintained and with correct aftercare and maintenance.
Removal timeframes are dependent upon the condition of your natural hair and lifestyle.

How much do Great Lengths Hair Extensions cost?

The service cost can vary greatly from client to client because each is a custom service. There are many factors to consider, such as lengthening, full volumizing, colour work or special application. This would all be discussed on a no-obligation, complimentary consultation where your technician can discuss your requirements and give you an accurate quote.

Do I need a full head of hair extensions?

No, your technician can apply as few extensions as you need to achieve the look you desire. Hair extensions can also just be applied to specific areas, such as the sides. There are many possibilities when using Great Lengths.

What aftercare do I need to look after my hair extensions?

As Great Lengths are made from 100% human hair, your care routine will be very similar. The key differences you may find is that you may wash your hair less frequently, it must always be dried after washing as the hair is most delicate when wet. The hair may need to be brushed more regularly and it is best to use the products recommended to you by your technician to prolong the life and condition of your extensions.

How are Great Lengths Hair Extensions removed?

Great Lengths must always be removed by one of our certified technicians. For prebonded extensions, your technician will use a specially formulated removal gel. When applied, this gel gently breaks down the bonds and a removal tool will be used to allow the bond to slide down your natural hair with no damage caused.

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